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Xbox Support loading May 24, 2019 · Now let's walk through the steps to find your Xbox One IP address. Step 1. Start at your Xbox Live home screen, highlight your account name in the upper left corner of the screen, and then press Nov 10, 2019 · If you're trying to stream your Xbox One to a PC, and the console doesn't show up in the Windows 10 Xbox app, then the only way to connect is to manually enter the correct IP address. There are also situations where voice chat or multiplayer will fail to work correctly on an Xbox One due to router security settings, in which case the only way Follow these steps to assign an IP address in your router: 1. You can try to permanently assign your Xbox One to the IP address that it is currently using. You can find the current IP address under advanced settings in the Xbox One Dashboard menu. To find the IP address, power up your Xbox One console and follow these steps: Go to the home Thankfully, Microsoft makes it easy to locate the IP address on your Xbox One. Typically, you would need to find the IP address on your Xbox One for doing things like streaming on your PC.However