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On the Boethiah’s Calling quest I gave J’zargo some really nice jewellery I had made especially for him. Then I sacrificed him to Boethiah, keeping eye contact the entire time. I feel like he represented every fake friend I ever had in life. At least with Cicero you know where you stand. Flamebreaker Armor - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the The Flamebreaker Armor is Body Gear in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is part of the Flamebreaker Set, along with the Flamebreaker Helm and Cloak of Flames :: Items :: EverQuest II :: ZAM Everquest II Item Information for Cloak of Flames. +37 str +36 sta +41 agi 2% Crit Bonus 4.6% Crit Chance 48 Ability Modifier Cloak of Flames - Item - World of Warcraft Essence of the Pure Flame: 13 on hit This cloak: 5 on hit Heart of the Scale: 20 on hit for 5min = 40-60 damage on attacker when hit, although reducable with fire resistance. That may not sound like much, but against fast hitting classes it will add up quickly. Switch to Bear Form and go play with rogues. Edited, Jul 26th 2006 at 8:53pm EDT by

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Jan 04, 2017 How to Make J'Zargo Into the Ultimate Badass - The Elder J'zargo shoots out unlimited spells anyways, without spell cost reduction, at least for me. I find health buffs better for followers, but maybe its just me. I don't think TC knew J'zargo was a badass for everyone, as long as he isn't a super low level. No, he's terrible, at any level above 3 or so. GameBanshee

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How to use scrolls & Best Scrolls to use in Skyrim(Must See) J’Zargo’s Experiment. The J’Zargo quest is a quest that will actually require you to use a scroll. At first, the game will ask you to use a fireball scroll on the 3 undead near Skytemple Ruins. Keep in mind that using fire scroll potential inflict damage on your character. You should you fire resistance to … Chaosoft Games - EvilQuest Why save the world when you can conquer it? In EvilQuest, take on the role of Galvis -- a dark knight obsessed with ultimate power. Set out on a quest of revenge,destruction and conquest in this exciting retro Action RPG title for Xbox Live Indie Games and Windows PC … Frozen Pyromancer (Monster) - AQW Location: Underworld Level: 85 Difficulty: 5 stars Total HP: 209,894 Attacks: Dark Fire Punch: 370-430; Dark Flame Breath: 370-430; Temporary Items Dropped: Pyromancer Soul Shard (Dropped during the 'Need Soul' quest) Stolen Flame (Dropped during the 'Need Flame' quest) Items Dropped: