Hardware vs. Software Firewalls Hello friends, I have set an firewall security for my computer system,but i don't know whether it falls under hardware firewall or in the software firewall, so if anyone here will suggest me what is the difference between two will be helpful for me understand it in the better sense.

Hardware vs. software—what gives? Hardware firewalls and software firewalls provide different security benefits and drawbacks. But for this review, we’re focusing on hardware firewalls. Why? Most software firewalls protect only the device running the software. Hardware firewalls, on the other hand, protect your entire network from malware Software vs Hardware Firewalls - Information Security In either case, the firewall architecture is not 'hardware' or 'black magic'. I think that you are making a false differentiation and what you should actually be comparing is "endpoint firewalls" versus "gateway firewalls". Pedantry notwithstanding, it is important to note that this is the actual distinction rather than hardware versus software. Hardware-Based Firewalls | Electrical Contractor Magazine

Firewalls are software programs or hardware devices that filter and examine the information coming through your Internet connection. They represent a first line of defense because they can stop a malicious program or attacker from gaining access to your network and …

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Software firewalls can be application aware, which makes things like instant messengers and streaming protocols very easy to control. For home use, a router with SPI is probably protection enough. A nice setup for business use is to have a layered approach with a hardware perimeter firewall with an application aware software firewall like ISA

Hardware Firewall - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics Hardware firewalls come as a complete package, reducing the necessity to decide on hardware, OS, and firewall software separately. The OS is generally hardened and optimized for network throughput and packet inspection. ☑ The PIX uses standard firewall logic: outbound is permitted by default and inbound is blocked by default.