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"because the default port 443 may be blocked by other software" is where you should reveal more information. At the same port 443 you can host many sites/applications, especially on IIS 8 and above with SNI enabled, so there is rarely a need to host your site on a non-standard port… Tunneling using SSH server listening on port 443 - Notes Wiki Apr 07, 2014 PORT 443 - Linksys Community

Git through SSH using port 443 in Windows with SourceTree client. 1. Ruby Paperclip Amazon S3 Bucket Connection refused - connect(2) for “s3-website-us-west-1” port 443. 0. ssh failed when installing hadoop:connect to host master port 22: connection r

The web interface on port 443/tcp could allow an attacker to cause a Denial-of-Service condition by sending specially crafted packets to the web server. The device will automatically reboot, impacting network availability for other devices. An attacker must have network access to port 443/tcp to exploit the vulnerability. Neither valid credentials nor interaction by a legitimate user is

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Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry Jul 20, 2020 Enable ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS)