Jun 12, 2013

Today marks five years since the Guardian published Verizon’s FISA court order, the first story based on documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.At the time this story appeared, the whistleblower’s name was not known. It was three days and several enormous stories later that Snowden finally stepped out of the shadows, the source of the biggest public archive of top secret Pompeo compares ex-security advisor John Bolton to Edward Edward Snowden is a former US intelligence contractor who revealed in 2013 that US agents from the National Security Agency (NSA) were carrying out widespread surveillance on citizens. U.S. files lawsuit against NSA whistleblower Edward Sep 18, 2019

Edward Snowden’s guardian angels – Raw Story

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Journalist Who Helped Break Snowden's Story Reflects On

Sep 13, 2019