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Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP) then click Properties. Step 7 Change ‘Dot’ to Use the following IP address and input your IP and DNS information. Step 8: Click OK to save and apply your settings. For Windows 10: Step 1 . Right click the internet icon in the task tray, select Open Network and … Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing This feature is automatically available on clients running Windows XP. On clients running Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows Me, you must run XP's Network Setup Wizard to enable the gateway. If you have a Windows XP CD-ROM, you can run the Wizard from it. Otherwise, create a network setup disk containing the Wizard files How to Find Your Default IP Gateway (Windows XP

Jan 11, 2020

Nov 15, 2019 XP ICS - Internet Gateway Using the Internet Gateway on Windows XP. To monitor the ICS server's Internet connection on a computer running Windows XP, open the Network Connections folder and double click the Internet Gateway icon. The upper half of the Status window gives information about the ICS server's Internet … (Solved) - No Internet after Windows XP reinstall « How-To

May 28, 2020

Drivers & Downloads. Locate drivers, user guides and product specifications for your Gateway technology. Learn More Automatic Wireless Network Connections in Windows XP Nov 15, 2019 XP ICS - Internet Gateway