Delete other activity saved to your account. On your Android phone or tablet, open your device's Settings app Google Manage your Google Account . At the top, tap Data & personalization . Under "Activity and timeline," tap My Activity . To the right of the search bar, tap More Other Google activity .

To delete your entire history, use the button on the left labeled Delete all items. You can also opt out of browsing history by doing the following: Click the turn off your browsing history link May 31, 2015 · You can erase individual search results or all of them at once. To erase a single result, place the mouse pointer over an item in the history and click Clear when it appears. If you don’t see the item you want to erase, search for it using the search box on the page or click All dates to narrow the date range. Oct 10, 2013 · Derral Show you how To Delete Your YouTube Search History - YouTube saves your search history to recommend videos for you to watch. In this video Derral shows you how to erase your YouTube search history! Sep 15, 2008 · I've been looking up stuff for my mum so I can surprise her with a gift but every time I go to google and type something it comes up with suggestions of things I've already searched. I've got the new internet explorer 8 by the way incase that helps, I need to know how to delete these so when she's online she doesn't see them and ask questions YOU STILL SEE "Because You Searched" recommendations because YOU'RE STILL LOGGED IN AS YOU. If you clear recently viewed items and SIGN OUT, then go to Ebay, the homepage will be generic as though a "new" user was visiting. When your SIGNED IN, you CAN clear recently viewed items but CANNOT remove "Because you searched" items until you sign out. Don’t worry, this detailed guide will help you learn how to delete your Google search history permanently. Moreover, if you are looking for ways to boost your online privacy, try PureVPN. You can now use PureVPN for just $0.99 and enjoy unlimited online privacy and security for the next 7 days.

Jun 26, 2020 · You will have to diligently remove item by item. How to delete search history on the Amazon Prime Video app The Prime Video app doesn’t have an option that allows you to see or clear your watch

Once you choose an Auto-delete setting, a popup will appear and ask you to confirm. Select Delete or Confirm. 6. Next, click Manage Activity. This is where every search you make and every video Delete yourself from the Internet's people finder sites May 04, 2018

How to Delete Browser Search History in Windows 10 Computer

Dec 14, 2018 · You can hide orders from showing up on your order history, though. It will not delete records, but it will hide them from the main Your Orders page. If you just bought a gift for someone who uses the computer and you forgot to log out, this can be a life saver. Navigate to the Amazon home page. Select Your Account and Your Orders.