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How to Create a Sudo User on Debian {3 Easy Steps} Log in as the root user. Before you can add a user to your system, log in as the root user: ssh … sudo - Username is not in the sudoers file. This incident The config file /etc/sudoers list, who is allowed to run which commands as which user. On ubuntu this file contains a line allowing all users of the sudo group to run commands as the root user. To check which users are in the sudo group you can type getent group sudo. You can also check the groups of your current user by typing id. How to Add User to Sudoers in Debian Linux 8

Then you can edit the installed system's sudoers file with sudo nano -w /mnt/etc/sudoers. Or, even better, you can edit it with. sudo visudo -f /mnt/etc/sudoers (which will prevent you from saving a sudoers file with incorrect syntax).

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Adding yourself to the sudoers file - The sudoers file offers quite a lot of control over exactly what someone can run, as well as who they can run it as, and from where. Let's just quickly run through a few of the other options you've got in the sudoers file: Restricting who a user can run commands as. Exit/save edit to sudoers file? Putty SSH - Stack Overflow Been following instructions for editing sudoers file, made changes but the instructions say to exit using ctrl+x - this just gives me a capital X and a caret. Have tried ctrl:x ctrl+Q Esc. Not using nano or any other gui (just putty terminal), the change I am trying to save is to set nano as default editor. How to Fix "Username is not in the sudoers file. This Nov 15, 2016