Ubuntu's Cat and Touch terminal commands will create new files that contain no data, but are visible to the file manager or the Ls directory-listing command. Although the Touch command is normally used to change the time-stamp of existing files, it will also generate one or more new …

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The accepted answer is correct, but someone might prefer to get these commands typed just by pressing one key. As @jaustin describes in his answer, one need to have keys mapped in ~/.config/ranger/rc.conf config file. If you copied default configuration files by. ranger --copy-config=all then you already have the shortest access to mkdir / touch:

Nov 10, 2019 vim - How to create php files in /var/www folder? - Ask Ubuntu Open /var/www/. cd /var/www/ Create the file. sudo touch hello.php. Open the file. sudo vi hello.php. Enter write mode (we were in command mode initially) by pressing a (note that vi is case sensitive). After that, press Esc (to change to command mode) and type :wq.Check if everything is fine with cat hello.php.. However, it's probably a better idea to use editors such as vim or nano as work

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