Oct 27, 2019

I use wi-fi a majority of the time on my BB Bold, but if I am driving or out shopping, and get emails or other communications (BBMs, check my bank balance, etc) it will use the Verizon network. It all amounts to less than 100 MB (usually less than 50 MB) a month, well under the 2 GB minimum required plan. Should You Use Your Mobile Phone for Home Internet Jul 25, 2019 Using Wi-Fi vs. Cellular Data (and Why You Should Care) Sep 19, 2016 Wifi calling- The important things to know | Hushed - 2nd Oct 17, 2018

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Make a call with Wi-Fi Calling - Apple Support Place Wi-Fi calls from your iPhone. Turn on Wi-Fi calling in Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling. You … The Advantages of Using Wi-Fi on Your Smartphone | Small