I'm working on a project to develop an SMB server on Android, and for that i'm using the free Alfresco JLAN server implementation. The question is that i can't use the default ports (445, 139, 138)

Oct 04, 2010 Google releases Android Samba Client app for mounting SMB Jul 06, 2017 LAN drive - SAMBA Server for Android - Free download and

Make samba shares on Android device itself with: Samba Filesharing, SambaDroid or Servers Ultimate (= multi-protocol server app). Might all need root. Audio apps with samba mount support built in: ArmAmp, Neutron, BsPlayer, XenoAmp, XBMC/Kodi (sideload), SPMC (Xbmc clone)

I know that Android is usually not very SMB-friendly, shutting off ports and such. 1. Is this the case in AndroidTV? Is there maybe SMB built-in? 2. Are there apps that go around this like in the phone variant of Android (like this one for example)? 3. Has anyone tried this? Thanks! tl;dr: samba server on Mi Box? SMB share not accessable from android device (works from

How To Set Up A Samba File Server On Ubuntu

SMB v1 is not recommended for use any more by Microsoft. Starting in Windows Vista, Microsoft implemented a new version of SMB, known as SMB2. However, older Windows versions and many apps running on Android and Linux do not support recent versions of SMB, making it impossible to network Windows PC with such devices if only SMB v2/v3 are enabled. Jun 27, 2019 · To connect with our PC we have to use an Android file browser compatible with SMB v2, many administrators have this payment option or through an extra module, we will recommend some simple options. CX Explorer o X-plore – simple to use with basic functions; MiXplorer + addon SMB v2, without ads and functional also on Android TV (Recommended)