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Next, you're going to need to open some ports, and point them at your PS3's static IP address, so the HH knows where to direct the traffic on those ports. 🙂 Okay, the ports that you should have open are: 3040 - 3055 TCP and UDP Hopefully, this should sort out your problem and give you Open NAT. 🙂 What is NAT, and why should I care about it? – The Nov 06, 2019 How to Change your NAT settings to OPEN using Netgear Now change your "NAT filtering" to "open". Make sure that "Disable SPI Firewall" is checked and then click "apply" and wait for your router to reboot. If this doesn't work then you should check if your UPnP is enabled and if you don't see the "NAT Filtering" at all then you should update your router to the newest firmware version which can be How to get Open NAT type - Activision Community

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The easiest way to ensure you have an OPEN NAT which is what you want, is to put your PS3 in the DMZ of your router. This is not the most secure way, but it is the fastest. Basically what you do is change your PS3 to a static IP address. To do that see instructions here: Setting a static IP address on the Playstation 3 NAT Types Defined - port forward Open NAT: With an OPEN NAT type, you're able to chat with other people, as well as join and host multiplayer games with people who have any NAT type on their network. Moderate NAT: With a MODERATE NAT type, you're able to chat and play multiplayer games with some people; however, you might not be able to hear or play with others, and normally

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Steam Community :: Guide :: 3 Ways How To Get Open Nat On Jan 02, 2017 Understanding PS3 NAT Types | netnix.org PS3 NAT Types. In the network settings of the PS3, it uses 3 different NAT types to classify how the PS3 is connected to the Internet: Type 1: The PS3 is sitting directly on the Internet with a public IP address. This setup doesn’t require NAT or inbound port forwarding and is used in scenarios where the PS3 is the only device wanting to use How do I change the NAT settings for use with PS3? | Yahoo