Engineer company shuts doors while facing unresolved

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New Zealand ISPs are blocking sites that do not remove

Is ISP speed throttling allowed in NZ???? - New Zealand ISPs May 09, 2015

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ISP Review is committed to protecting your personal information when you are using our website. You are not required to identify yourself in any way to browse ISP Review. Personal information collected is limited to your name and email address if you write a review about a provider. Engineer company shuts doors while facing unresolved May 02, 2017 New Zealand ISPS - International Broadband | DSLReports Forums Jun 20, 2009 New_Zealand_ISP_list freenet is New Zealand’s first free Internet Service Provider. Join today and every month you'll receive your first 60 minutes of Internet access free! NEWSFLASH!! freenet is now able to offer totally free Internet to some of it's customers. igrin IGRIN Internet is a fully New Zealand owned and operated ISP.